My Ugly Baby

My Ugly Baby
Posted by Teresa Richards It’s official. I have an ugly baby. Well, it’s not a baby, exactly. It’s a manuscript. A complete-at-83,000-words, edited-so-many-times-I’ve-lost-count novel that feels very much like a part of me. I lost sleep over it. I sacrificed for it. I even put up with the extra pounds necessary to get it here (I mean, who h [...]


Posted by Peter Keeler I like words. You have to enjoy some aspect of language to be a writer – hopefully every aspect, but you don’t have to favor them all. You can write an excellent story and not play with your words, making your art out of plot and sentence structure and symbolism with very simple building blocks. Take ‘Flowers for Algern [...]

Fake it till you make it

Posted by Preston Ray About five years ago I decided to start writing fiction. I thought of myself as “aspiring to become a wannabe writer”. It seemed cute and unpretentious. Nothing annoys me more than the thought of being “that guy” who runs around talking about he’s a writer but never gets anything published. I wasn’t going to do that. Oh [...]

"If you were good enough, you would be here."
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Originally started as a critique group in 2009 it has grown into more than that. We do not believe in writing by committee but we do believe a group of individuals that are dedicated to challenging each other and working collaboratively will produce better fiction than each of us would do on our own.
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